Parish Meeting

Local Politics and Crime Prevention

Local Politics

The Parish Meeting is the lowest level of local government, but is perhaps the most democratic form.
Chicheley Parish Meeting is usually held in the Village Hall twice per year.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss matters of importance to Chicheley, and to report them to local and national government for attention. The Parish Meeting is run by an elected Chair and Clerk.
Any person on the Electoral Register of the Parish is entitled to speak at a Parish Meeting. Any member of the Electorate can ask for an item to be put on the Parish Meeting agenda. Any matter pertinent to the parish may be discussed at a Parish Meeting.
The Press and general public have a right to attend Parish Meetings, but anyone not on the Electoral Register of the Parish is a “stranger” and does not have the right to vote.
Notices of Parish Meetings and minutes are posted in the News section and on the calendar.
Chicheley is within the Milton Keynes Unitary Authority.  It was part of Sherington Ward until the local election of 22nd May 2014 when it became part of the larger Olney Ward.  
Chicheley is represented on Milton Keynes Council by the three Councillors for Olney Ward; Keith McLean, Peter Geary and David Hosking.   The Councillors publish a monthly article in the Olney Phonebox Magazine that presents information on local issues they are addressing.
SCAN Magazine provides additional information on local issues and events in Chicheley and neighbouring villages Astwood, Sherington, Hardmead and North Crawley.
Chicheley is represented in Parliament by the MP for Milton Keynes North, Ben Everitt.

Neighbourhood Watch

Police Contact Numbers

Emergency Only:     Dial 999

Not an Emergency:  Dial 101 or report online

For general enquiries or concerns related to Chicheley and immediate area contact:
Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Arlene Ormston
07815 590756

Facebook Page

There is a private Facebook page for Chicheley residents to share information and provide mutual support.