Planning Application for 930 Houses

This is on the north side of the North Crawley Road to the west of the A509 “ Newport Pagnell bypass”.

31st January 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As Amended)

Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015

Application no: 20/00133/OUTEIS

Proposal:  Outline planning application (all matters reserved except access) for the demolition of the existing farm buildings on site and the development of up to 930 dwellings (including affordable dwellings), primary school, local centre, open space, sports pitches, play areas, pavilion/wellbeing centre and other associated works.

At: Tickford Fields Farm  North Crawley Road  Newport Pagnell  MK16 9HG  

I have received the above application which can be viewed via the Council's Public Access system using the link:

I would be grateful to receive any comments you may have about the proposal by 28th February 2020. Any objections must form a material planning consideration and should you wish for the application to be referred to the Development Control Committee/Panel for determination; an explicit request must be made to that effect. If no reply is received within this period the application may be decided without your comments.

Where a request to refer an application to Development Control Committee/Panel has been received from a Parish or Town Council, an undertaking to attend the meeting to address the Committee/Panel is expected. Failure to attend a Development Control Committee/Panel, following an undertaking to so do, on two occasions within a 6 month Period will result in;

a. The Parish or Town Council being barred from requesting an application be referred to Development Control Committee/Panel for a 3 month period from the date of the second incidence; and,

b. Any applications within that Parish being determined in accordance with the Officer recommendation under delegated powers. This would also be for a concurrent 3 month period and would only take effect in cases where no other parties have lodged objections and requested the case be heard before a Development Control Committee/Panel.

Yours faithfully,

David Buckley