Plan:MK and MK Expansion East of the M1

Anyone concerned about Chicheley remaining a rural village should take note of new developments that could potentially cancel recommendations of Plan:MK.

Plan:MK outlines expansion of Milton Keynes to 2031. †It was the result of open, democratic, public discussion and scrutiny. †Agreed MK expansion plans are shown in the map below, taken from the Plan:MK document. †

Proposed expansion east of the M1 is shown clearly to be post-2031, unless new housing targets are not reached three years in a row.

A new development is that the government has created a £4.2 billion “Housing Infrastructure Fund” to encourage housebuilding. †Milton Keynes Council has applied for £75 million from this fund, and is one of 44 boroughs through to the second round of evaluation for awards.

If Milton Keynes is successful, it may use the funding to build a new bridge across the M1, which would enable building east of the M1 to be brought forward to the near future, and not after 2031. †This would mean that new housing estates will start to encroach on Chicheley along the Newport Pagnell-North Crawley road. †Local Councillors for Olney Ward, and also those representing Willen, are strongly opposed to immediate expansion east of the M1.