Plan MK.  Threatened Expansion of Milton Keynes East of the M1

“Out of the Blue”, new plans for massive expansion of Milton Keynes were first leaked, and then made public.

Four options being considered are:

Development of the West/South West; basically continuation of current expansion.

Development east of the M1 “washing over” Moulsoe and North Crawley, and extending into Bedfordshire.

Creation of new “satellite towns” of 5,000 to 10,000 houses at sites including Olney and Sherington.

Intensification of redevelopment of current urban areas.

Public meetings will be held at Olney Church on 30th November and 7th November, at Moulsoe on 3rd December, Sherington on 8th December and North Crawley on 6th January.

Full details are available in “Phonebox".

Our three Councillors in Olney Ward, and other local Councillors from Hanslope and Newport Pagnell North, are contesting the proposals.

Anyone who wants to protect the rural nature of Chicheley and its surroundings should make themselves familiar with proposals to convert this “Green and Pleasant Land” into “Dark Satanic Mills” and take all opportunities to express their disapproval.