Parish Meeting Minutes, 16 October 2012

1. Present

Chairman:  Mr.R.J.Ruck-Keene

Clerk:         Ms. J. Parker

11 electors of the Parish

In attendance: Cllr. Keith McLean

2.Apologies for absence

Matthew Pearce; Claire Ruck-Keene; Felicity Robertson, Ian Townsend

3. Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were circulated and adopted.

4. Matters arising

Speeding –significant numbers of people are being caught breaking the speed limit, some doing in excess of 60mph

The Chair expressed a vote of thanks to Christine Girard for organising the village’s Jubilee celebrations, which went well

Agreed that draft parish meeting minutes would be published on the village website. Clerk to arrange link to the site from MKC website.

Condition of footpath outside Old Post Office has been reported; there is now a reference number for the work.

5. Future expenditure

The audit for the year has been approved by Mazars, the external auditors.  David Blamires was thanked for acting as internal auditor. Future expenditure was discussed.  Some landscaping and hedge planting work at Bedlam Walk might be required. Clerk to raise re-turfing area at top of Bedlam Walk, and tidying up of walkway with MKC, to see whether it could be added to the usual mowing and maintenance schedule. Clerk and Chair to follow up hedge planting along fence line, which MKC had agreed to carry out at the time the road was built. Some requests have already been logged with MKC e.g. where the grit bin is. 

It was agreed to reduce the precept request to £600 to cover known annual expenses (e.g. insurance).

6. NAG update

The Chair reported from the most recent Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Tackling speeding is the number one priority in the area. The village is able to get involved in the Community Speedwatch programme. Drivers breaking the speed limit will get a warning but no fine; therefore the programme is more of a deterrent. 

Speed indicating devices (SIDS) are also an option, although it was understood that devices are currently unavailable due to lack of resource in MKC. The NAG had suggested approaching Adrian Carden at MKC to ask how this might be resolved. Chicheley does not have the right posts to put the devices on; parish funds could be used to pay for the required posts. 

Chair agreed to contact Adrian re pre-warning markers/boards about the speed limit from the Bedford side of the village. Something was also needed to warn motorists about the roundabout at the top of the hill. 

The road surface has been patched up e.g. around Little End

There had been 3 reported episodes recently of fly tipping in the area. 

There had been some pavement parking problems in Stoke Goldington.  There is a pavement parking restriction that can be applied if necessary, through MKC. 

Chair agreed to check whether the NAG minutes could be made available on the village website, for information. 

7. Any other business 

Thanks were expressed to Pierre Girard for installing a new noticeboard, and also to Brian Franklin for refurbishing the seat outside the village hall. 

The Chair agreed to follow up the need for new posts around village hall and around the war memorial. 

Chicheley Hall would be under new management next year. The outside signage is unlikely to change to ‘big branding’. An announcement is expected towards the end of the year, and there is likely to be an opening session for everybody in the village. This could be advertised in SCAN. The informal arrangement regarding parking for church events would need formalising with the new management company. The Chair agreed to follow up a request for an earlier time limit on fireworks, and also a restriction on the use of Chinese lanterns as we are in a farming area. 

Proposed development of industrial buildings in the A509/A422/London Road triangle was discussed. There has not been a formal planning application as yet, but consultation and public engagement activities were planned for the end of this year. The Meeting expressed concern on the grounds that there were areas within Milton Keynes that ought to be developed first. The Chair asked Cllr. McLean to keep him informed. 

Report from Cllr. McLean: MKC had instituted a single enforcement unit covering environment, planning, and trading standards to make enforcements easier and faster. MKC had voted on a proposal to increase councillors from 51 to 57.  It was likely that the Sherington ward would join with Olney. A new officer to replace Joanne Pollock in Rob Ward’s team at MKC had been appointed. 

Applying for funding from the monies made available by the windfarm company was an on-going issue. Cllr. McLean and the Clerk to follow up. 

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm.

Date of Next Meeting : Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 8pm