Parish Meeting, April 2015

Chicheley Parish Meeting & AGM

Minutes of Meeting on 14th April 2015

1.     Present

Chairman:        Mr Robert Ruck-Keene

Clerk:               Ms Jo Parker

12 electors of the Parish

In attendance: Mr Sandeep Kaushik (Chicheley Hall), Cllrs Peter Geary, David Hosking, Keith McLean


2.     Apologies for absence

Matthew Pearce, Ian Townsend

3.     Minutes of previous meeting

Approved (proposed by Pat Townsend, seconded by Judith Duncombe).

4.     Matters arising

·       Noticeboard: repaired and cork inserted

·       Building plans: there had been insufficient interest in taking forward discussions with MKC re future expansion of the village.

·       Minerals Plan consultation: comments had been sent. Further consultation was underway to gather more potential sites across Milton Keynes.  Should the route to the Lavendon site involve lorries coming through the village, information on the tonnage and the amount of movements per day would be needed, and the Meeting would need to make further representation if this proved a problem. The Councillors offered to ensure that the relevant information is passed on to parishioners.  Phonebox magazine will be another source of information. The Chair agreed to monitor the situation.

·       NAG update: SIDS are in operation, overtly and covertly across the area. The speeds recorded and flashed to drivers are accurate; however the figures coming in on the reports are lower than anticipated, in line with findings at Moulsoe and North Crawley. A request that the equipment be recalibrated has been submitted although there has been no response from MKC. Cllr McLean was supporting the use of the devices.  Some devices remain unused across MKC (4 out of 10) which the rural area ought to be able to use. Thames Valley Police had responded positively to the initial results. There were now two officers trained in use of the speed gun, who will be covering the area.

·       Satnavs: directions from Google direct drivers down Hall Lane to Chicheley Hall. This has been reported but nothing has changed. The sign for the Hall has been changed as requested and has had a reasonable effect.

·       A new grain store for Chicheley Farms is in the final planning stage. A planning application will be submitted. The Clerk will pass these on to the email list and details will be available in the farm office.  The Chair will step back from this process to avoid any conflict of interest.

·       The organisers of the Emberton triathlon apologised for any rubbish on the A509 following October’s event and were monitoring litter picking at future events.


5.     Accounts

The annual accounts were circulated and approved (proposed by Pierre Girard and seconded by Pat Townsend).


6.    Audit

The audit was circulated. Thanks were expressed to David Blamires for his help in completing it.

7.     Future expenditure

The bank balance at the end of the financial year stands at £1526.93

Regular payments include playground rent (£1), BALC membership (£13.28) and annual insurance. Donations of £125 for the Village Hall and £50 to SCAN magazine were approved for the financial year 2015-16.

Future plans for expenditure were discussed:

·       A defibrillator (to be kept at the Hall) would cost around £ 1400 although grant funding may be available. The Chair agreed to pursue this. A final decision will be sought via email once all the information is available (Clerk).

·       The suggestion that the Parish fund black refuse sacks on a ‘one-off’ basis following the decision of MKC to stop the supply was withdrawn.  There will be further communication about the distribution of pink recycling sacks.

·       The condition of the bus shelter was cause for concern, particularly the guttering and windows. This would be addressed before the next meeting.


8.     Election of officers

Both officers were re-elected.

9.     Any other business

Ward Councillors’ update:

·       The road improvement programme 16-17 will include repairs to A509; Gogg Lane, and Chicheley road to Griggs piece.

·       Parishioners were encouraged to continue to report potholes and any safety issues observed around contractors.

·       There will be an opportunity to vote in support of the CMK neighbourhood plan on May 4th, although most parishioners were unclear as to its purpose.

·       Councillors had been active in opposing plans at Ousedale School to prioritise admissions for children with musical aptitude over children in catchment. It was expected that the plans would be overturned.

·       Further budget cuts are planned: there will be a rise in Council Tax, and cuts to services e.g. bus services. There are some questions about the costs of senior and middle management which ought to be looked at before cutting services.

·       MKC are going through procurement process for broadband roll out in MK. A decision was expected on 21st April which would indicate which areas are going to get it. Councillors agreed to keep the meeting informed. It was unclear as to whether an upgrade to the North Crawley exchange would improve speeds in Chicheley. All were encouraged to write to Mark Lancaster’s office.


·       The Meeting congratulated Cllr McLean on taking up his post as Mayor.  His charities of choice are the Royal British Legion and MK Cancer Care Unit.

·       The pub is scheduled to reopen on 1st May.


10.  Date of next meeting: 13th October. Agreed to meet in the interim if necessary as meetings are regular but infrequent.