Parish Meeting 15th April 2014

 Minutes of Chicheley Parish Meeting ( Draft/Unapproved)

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Chairman:                    Mr Robert Ruck-Keene

Clerk:                           Ms Jo Parker (Clerk)

10 electors of the Parish

 In attendance:             Cllr Keith McLean, Dr Peter Cotgreave, Sandeep Kaushik

 3.     Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved (proposed by David Blamires, seconded) by Pat Townsend).

4. Matters arising

The incorrectly positioned “dragon’s teeth” road markings had been moved

 A number of SIDS devices for Speedwatch have been purchased by MKC and members of the parish had received training

·             10 devices in total in the Milton Keynes area, 6 of which are going to be in the rural area

·             We form part of the Emberton, Moulsoe, North Crawley and Astwood grouping and are the only area with a 40mph speed limit

·             Poles to mount the devices on will need approval (in case of ‘visual impact’) Chair to follow up with Adrian Carden; Cllr Mclean to keep us up to date with progress.

·             Devices will be positioned at each end of the village, once every two months,for a week; they are simple to use and not very heavy; we will be responsible for keeping them charged up. We will need to liaise with local police re where the SIDS are and when the police will be here so the two initiatives do not clash (Chair?)

·             Clerk to notify the insurers of the scheme in case there is any impact on our insurance

 A509: in this financial year there is to be a sign indicating that there is a roundabout, but there are no plans for additional road markings.  Planting on and near the roundabout may be interfering with visibility (Chair to raise with MKC, cc Rob Ward)

 Chair to grass-seed top area by Bedlam Walk. New grit bin to replace damaged one has been ordered.

 Gullies have been emptied.

 Local elections 22nd May. Cllr McLean is standing again; also will be voting in European elections. Vote of thanks from the Chair to Cllr Mclean for his support of the ward.

 Defibrillators: North Crawley, Astwood and Emberton are having them installed. There is a small electricity cost with £2000 on equipment (sizeable expenditure for a parish our size). Would Chicheley Hall be an appropriate place to install one? Chair to find out how  it will operate on other parishes, and follow up with DeVere .

 Issues with MKC website: ‘jobs’ not being closed properly when completed. It is best to report things as often and by as many people as possible e.g. highways issues. Letters and phone calls do not really work. One difficulty is getting through to the right department. Potholes can be reported (including exact location) online. Cllr McLean to feed back to MKC re poor quality of service.

 5. Accounts

The annual accounts were circulated and approved (proposed by David Robertson and seconded by Christine Girard). One item had been removed from the asset register (playground bin) as it has been replaced by MKC.

 6.     Audit

The annual audit was circulated and signed off. Thanks were expressed to David Blamires for his help in completing the internal audit and also for helping to keep the village tidy.

 7. Future expenditure

The bank balance stands at £1474.48

 Regular payments include playground rent(£1), BALC membership (£13.28) and annual insurance (£410.34).

 Donations of £125 for the village hall and £50 to SCAN magazine were approved.

 No other specific scheduled expenditure is planned in this financial year, although a replacement noticeboard might be needed. David Blamires agreed to try to tidy up the existing one; the Chair agreed to look into getting some cork to line it.

 8. Election of officers

Both officers were re-elected.

 9. AOB

Update from Cllr McLean:

     Recent road resurfacing was not complete

     Landscaping contract was due to be awarded shortly

    Community transport has been reviewed

    The change in ward boundaries was now in force (merge with Olney)

    Cllr McLean has new portfolio including transport, parking, and community asset transfer (e.g. meeting       places being handed back to local parishes to run).

Additional items:

     Litter pick needed for the A422 – Clerk to follow up with Rob Ward

     Work to ‘dual’ A421 planned for June

     Does MKC have a disaster plan; do we need one? We are covered by MKC plan. Contact MKC for details. Stoke Goldington do have a plan (in relation to flooding).

    Dr Cotgreave is leaving the Royal Society; the meeting expressed their thanks for his contribution and sent good wishes.


     David Robertson was keen to organise a commemoration, for example, asking people to write their personal histories, making a record of what the village was and is like

     Date to be set for a meeting via SCAN for those interested in taking part (likely to be 10 June 8pm)

     Clerk to pass on contact details of other local clerks to David Robertson to share ideas.

    Those interested in receiving the meeting minutes via email were invited to pass their details on to the Chair.

 10. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 14th October 8pm