Parish Meeting 15 October 2013

Minutes of Chicheley Parish Meeting

Tuesday 15th October 2013

1. Present

  Chairman:                               Mr Robert Ruck-Keene

  Clerk:                                         Ms Jo Parker (Clerk)

10 electors of the Parish

In attendance:

Cllr Keith McLean

Sarah Gander (De Vere venues) (for item 4) Dr Peter Cotgreave (Royal Society) (for item 4) Sandeep Kaushik (Royal Society) (for item 4)

2. Apologies for absence

Matthew Pearce, Ian Townsend, Claire Ruck-Keene, Paula Blamires, Christine Girard

3. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved (proposed by David Robinson, seconded Pat Townsend).

4.     Chicheley Hall (this item was taken earlier to allow colleagues from Chicheley Hall

to attend)

The application for change of use to hotel status had been approved by MKC. The Parish Meeting had supported the plans by letter. The Hall now has permission to run as a hotel when there is spare capacity. There are conditions and restrictions around the change of use e.g. if more car parking was planned, each space would need to be marked out. A travel plan is underway to ensure that the development is not encouraging extra traffic through the village. As regards fireworks, existing bookings are being honoured but for new bookings, no fireworks (or Chinese lanterns) will be permitted. Some remedial ceiling work has been carried out. There are no plans at the moment to build a wind turbine, which featured in the original plans. The meeting thanked the Hall for the summer tea invitation and the Christmas invitations. There would be further Christmas events to follow. Dr Cotgreave reported that a lecture involving the local community was still under discussion. The Mayor and the High Sheriff of Buckingham had been to visit the Hall and dubbed it 'a hidden gem of the county'. All feedback would be appreciated.

5. Matters arising Speeding update

"Dragon's teeth" speed markings were planned on the way in and out of the village to alert drivers to the speed restriction. This work had been planned for the end of September but at the time of the meeting had not been carried out due to adverse weather conditions [post meeting note: the work had been carried out but the markings had been put in the wrong place by the contractor; this has now been rectified].

The Chair reported that he was due to attend a Community Speedwatch event in Emberton later that week. There are no handheld cameras in Bucks. Once the SIDS devices are back in action we are likely to get some; they are operated by parish councils in conjunction with the NAG. They are used to monitor the speed and amount of traffic. The data can be downloaded from the devices. There are indications that these devices can slow traffic down. The police have been very active in the village; the stationary van is particularly successful. Speeding fine income goes to Thames Valley Police and the Home Office, not MKC.

Dual carriageway exit onto the A509

Drivers are not recognising the roundabout. It has been raised at the NAr- hI "Ut is considered that there is enough signage here.

  Chair agreed to contact Phil Sears at MKC to request a review.  

[Post-meeting note: a proposal had been received from MKC for additional markings on the approach to the roundabout].

There is a road safety review across MK at the moment, and all are encouraged to write in with any concerns.

Items to report to MKC

Tidying the patch of wasteground at the top of Bedlam Walk (Chair to follow up).

All parishioners were encouraged to report potholes and damaged footpaths to MKC e.g. damage outside the Old Post Office.

Pierre Girard reported that the storm drains on the main road are blocked; he agreed to report this on the grounds of health and safety.

Update on ward structure

Olney and Sherington are merging to become a 3-councillor ward, which will include the Olney ward area plus all the current villages in the Sherington ward except e.g. Gayhurst and Stoke Goldington which will become part of the Newport Pagnell North ward.

There will be an election in May 2014.

6. Future expenditure

The bank balance stands at £1524.47.

There is a modest reserve that the auditors questioned during the recent audit as it is significant, proportionately, in terms of the annual expenditure. Future annual expenditure is expected to be in the region of £600 (to cover known expenses such as insurance, donations and BALC membership). The notice-board may need replacing, and new posts for SIDS devices may be required. The purchase of a handbook on procedures for parish councils and meetings was also approved.

Given these expenses, the Meeting agreed to maintain the precept request at current levels e.g. £650 pa., which would allow a reasonable contingency for any necessary repairs.

7. AOB

It was noted that parishes had been asked by a local first aider and whether they would consider funding a defibrillator kit, to be kept in a public place ready for use in the event of an emergency. The Meeting expressed concern about the possible costs, commitment involved and whether one might be necessary given our proximity to Newport Pagnell.

Cllr McLean recommended talking to the ambulance service about the scheme.

Post meeting note: CUr McLean forwarded some information researched by Emberton Parish Council which clarified some of the concerns and indicated that a grant would be made available from his ward budget to parishes wishing to purchase one [Chair's action].

David Robertson proposed producing a book of the village, a history of ourselves in 2014 to commemorate the centenary of World War 1. Other options might be a time capsule, planting poppies etc. Clerk to find out what other parishes are doinq and to see what funding might be available. David agreed to put a note in SCAN, and come up with some suggestions ready for the next meeting.

Update from Clr McLean

Some initial teething problems with new MKC website but all encouraged to use it to report issues.

N01 bus between Newport and Lavendon has been reinstated, run by Brocks taxis. Highways Action Plan - minor significant defects will be fixed before winter. £50 million investment in roads from April 2014, to bring roads up to scratch following significant deterioration due to lack of investment.

Landscaping contracts are out to tender.

Cllr McLean agreed to follow up the issue of upturned kerbstones in Newport Pagnell. Considered a low priority but there is a health and safety issue.

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 9prrl. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 15 April 8pm