Parish Meeting - April 2019

Please find below documents relating to the Parish Meeting.

Please note that the Minutes are DRAFT only, and subject to conformation and possible change.

DRAFT MINUTES Chicheley Parish Meeting & AGM Thursday 11th April 2019

5 electors of the parish

Robert Ruck-Keene (Chair)

Jo Parker (Clerk)

Councillors Geary, Hosking & McLean

2. Apologies for absence

PCSO Arlene Ormston, Cris Tarrant, Paula Blamires, Ian Townsend, Matthew Pearce

3. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the October 2018 meeting were approved (proposer: David Robertson, seconder: David Blamires)

4. Matters arising

• Speeding: only one SIDS device (shared with other parishes) is in working order. The Speedwatch scheme is still operating but there is another method being considered called Sentinel, which takes pictures.

• Next Community Forum planned for 15th May. It was well attended last time, and all are welcome. Speeding and fly tipping were topics at the last meeting. ANPRS have also been discussed; more moveable ANPRs likely to be introduced into other parishes in the Olney Ward. Fly tipping on private land locally has been reported to police. MKC’s Nick Hannon had provided a document about the Council’s approach to fly tipping; incidents on private land are not being recorded by MKC as a matter of course although there is a commitment to work out a procedure of what might be recorded.

• PCSO Arlene Ormston had provided the local crime figures (to be will circulated with the meeting minutes).

• Issues with the road and broken signage: this had all been reported to MKC following recent incidents; the island on the A422 has been replaced after a few incidents but replacing broken signage and flexible bollards (outside the pub) were not considered a priority by MKC.

• Concern was expressed over the timing of works on the A422 Swans River, which will involve shutting the road completely for two weeks (alternative is to shut one side then the other which will take longer). This will cause traffic problems. [post-meeting note: this work is scheduled for August, complete closure for two weeks].

• There is currently no head of highways which may be impacting on highways work and funding. Ward councillors agreed to raise highways and signage concerns with MKC. It is helpful to pass on any comments, reports and numbers to them.

• Devolution of landscaping: there is a project whereby parishes can receive funding from MKC to take over their own landscaping contract. This has pros and cons. Clerk to talk to Kay Pettit at MKC for advice. Councillor Geary advised us to let the wider landscaping project †progress and keep a watching brief, as other small parishes have been running their own†landscaping successfully and cost effectively.

• Community fund – we had applied for funding to replace the noticeboards; the fund had

been paused but was due to reopen shortly.

5. Ward councillors’ update

• HIF (Housing Infastructure Fund) bid: a bid for£95 million government funding to pay for expansion east of the M1 into Moulsoe, 5-8k homes and bridge over M1. Stakeholder group meetings have been completed. The Chair, Cris Tarrant and Ian Townsend were thanked for their commitment and attendance at the meetings. The site in question is in the approved plan MK as a reserve site for 2031, but if the bid is successful it will come forward earlier. It was agreed that whilst development in this area is inevitable, better and more thorough planning for the long term was needed. Expecting to hear in next few months if successful. A neighbourhood plan would not make a difference in this instance.

• MK Dons and possible development along A509: this is not coming forward.

• Moat Farm, North Crawley: planning for 15 homes has been rejected but is being appealed.

• Superfast broadband: much appreciated by those making use of it. A new ‘spine’ is being put

in from Newport Pagnell to Olney. Chicheley isn’t part of the plan but likely to be at some

point in the future. Clerk to pass Martyn Smith’s email address on to the Chair to raise.

• Waste disposal: there is a proposal to charge for using the tips if you come from outside MK,

to enable charging back to Northants and Bedfordshire councils. This would mean having to take in ID to show that you were eligible to use the facility. This could potentially lead to an increase in fly tipping in the short term.

6. Annual accounts

The accounts for the financial year ending March 31st 2019 were approved (proposer: Pat Townsend, seconder: David Robertson).

7. Audit

a) The internal audit was noted and David Blamires thanked for his work. There were no issues raised requiring action.

b) The Annual Governance Statement was noted and approved.

c) The Annual Accounting Statements were noted and approved.

8. Future expenditure

The current bank balance stands at £798.18 with precept income of £550 expected from MKC to cover expenditure of approximately £500 (insurance, memberships, play area rent). It was agreed to make donations of £125 to the Village Hall and £50 to SCAN.

9. Election of Officers

The Chair and the Clerk were re-elected for another year’s term of office.

10. Any other business

• Meeting attendees were reminded to vote in the forthcoming council elections

• As part of a plan to combat rural crime e.g. hunting, police and farmers have been working

together very successfully

• New candidate for crime commissioner and has offered to come out for a visit

• The ‘What3 words’ app was recommended as a useful means of being able to indicate your

location if in trouble.

11. Date of next meeting

Thursday 10th October 2019 8pm