Parish Meeting - 11th April 2017


Chicheley Parish Meeting & AGM Tuesday 11th April 2017 Minutes

1. Present

Electors of the parish (12) Councillors Hosking and McLean

Chair: Robert Ruck-Keene Clerk: Jo Parker

2. Apologies for absence

Cris & Jill Tarrant, Ian Townsend, Kevin Breeze, Matt Pearce, Paula Blamires, Cllr. Peter Geary

3. Minutes of previous meeting


4. Matters arising

  •   No indication from BT as to date of removal of telephone box
  •   Fire hydrants have been repaired
  •   Access cover repaired
  •   No further issues reported with water pressure
  •   According to the MK portal website which has the latest and most accurate information, superfast broadband is planned for the village between January and September 2018. There will be a cabinet in village and residents within 1.1km should benefit from the service. The whole broadband programme has been accelerated.
  •   Manholes have been covered.
  •   Access to Chicheley Hall via Hall lane still a problem, as regards satnav instructions

5. Ward councillors’ update & Plan MK

Plan MK

Available for consultation following significant revisions, in which wholesale development of rural areas is not detailed. There is still some concern from Moulsoe, about the area east of the motorway where a mix of employment development and housing (c.5k homes) is likely.

Councillors encouraged individuals and the Meeting to respond to the consultation, which closes on 9th June. The plan makes reference to 1000 new homes in the rural area, which will be planned according to existing Neighbourhood Plans and the national housing plan.

Councillors encouraged the Meeting to look into putting together a Neighbourhood Plan which would enable the local community to have some control over future development and could ensure enhanced services in the area. Sherington and North Crawley are developing theirs. There is considerable work involved which would need careful consideration; funding may be available to support the work; it would be best done jointly with another parish e.g. Moulsoe to share expertise and costs. Weston Underwood are doing a risk assessment as to whether to go down this route. Guidance from MKC planning officers would be available; there are some exemplar plans.

Other local plans have indicated an increase of c.10% in housing, which would be around 5 homes in Chicheley. A Neighbourhood Plan would enable residents to decide where these might go.

The Chair indicated that his involvement in the development of any Plan as part of Parish Meeting business would represent a conflict of interest and he would have to step down.

Clerk to research local activity (e.g. do Astwood have any intention of developing a neighbourhood plan?) and contact John Cheston (MKC) for advice: how does it work for parish meetings, is it worth it, should we go ahead, what do they recommend – etc.

Plan MK details planning for development of the area east of the motorway by 2031, which would be equivalent in size to Newport Pagnell. At the recent Ward Forum, there was no evidence of focus on the additional infrastructure (e.g. roads, upgrading of junction 14, extra bridge, access, volume of traffic) etc. Should MKC consider this, all are encouraged to respond with concerns and issues, and any questions.

MK Dons training facility

The option to develop land off the A509 has been sold to MK Dons to develop a training facility. There is more land than they need so it may feature shops etc. Concern over the treatment of the tenant farmer was expressed. Should the planning application go ahead, individuals and the meeting will need to respond if there are any questions or concerns e.g. environmental impact, availability of the facility for public use. There is no timescale as yet.

New waste Strategy

Our councillors challenged the plan on the grounds that the proposals for making savings were questionable. No public meetings had taken place to consult. There will be a special council meeting where the strategy will be reviewed. Proposals include removing green bins or making extra charges for them; closing Newport Pagnell tip; reducing the distribution of pink sacks. Charges for parking permits is also an issue.

Minerals plan

This has not yet been adopted. Cllr. Hosking agreed to find out the approved route for lorries and keep the meeting informed.

6. Annual accounts

Thanks were expressed to the Balney Trust for the donation which enabled the purchase of the defibrillator, which has been added to the list of parish assets and the insurance.

The accounts for the financial year ending March 31st 2017 were approved

7. Audit
The meeting approved the draft audit and annual governance statement, and authorised the Chair and the Clerk to formally sign off the document following the internal audit.

8. Future expenditure
It was agreed to earmark a further £75 for landscaping Bedlam Walk, and make donations of £125 to the Village Hall and £50 to SCAN

9. Election of Officers
The Chair and the Clerk were reappointed (proposed by David Robertson; seconded by Judith Duncombe).

10. Any other business

  •   Chicheley Hall: the new sign was noted but residents indicated that there had been

no reduction in traffic trying to access the Hall via Hall Lane. Chair agreed to raise

with Chicheley Hall.

  There had been an increase in lead thefts from churches in the area. The Chair

agreed to ask Chicheley Hall security to be alert to this.

  The War Memorial is being included on the national heritage ‘list’. This is not only

gratifying for the village but the fact that it is on the register might help us get

financial assistance should maintenance or repairs be needed in future.

  Changes in local bus services had been detrimental to local service users. A ‘request

stop’ for the x5 bus would solve this. Councillor Hosking agreed to follow this up with

the local transport officer but it was deemed unlikely.

  Despite the signage and the fence, dog walkers are still using the route from the pub

car park behind the houses on Bedlam Lane. Rosie Armstrong and Andrew Burton

are the MKC contacts who may be able to advise.

  The Chair reported that repairs to the A422 are planned in 2017-18. MKC will also

inspect Bedlam Lane.

  Motorbikes had been travelling at speed through the village, usually early on Sunday

mornings. The Chair agreed to talk to the local neighbourhood team to see if Traffic could come out on a sunny Sunday. Speeding has been moved up the issues list in rural areas.

11. Date of next meeting

Thursday 12 October 8pm