Minutes of Parish Meeting October 2015


1. Present

Chairman: Mr Robert Ruck-Keene

Clerk: Ms Jo Parker

12 electors of the parish

In attendance: Cllrs Peter Geary, David Hosking, Keith McLean; Dean Thompson (Chicheley Hall); Michael and Tracey Schwartz (Chester Arms)

2. Apologies for absence

Pat and Ian Townsend, Judith Duncombe, Christine Girard, Matthew Pearce

3. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the April meeting were approved (with one minor spelling correction).

4. Matters arising not on the agenda

Grain store will now be located at Hill Farm; no application submitted as yet.

Broadband deployment planned from 2016 over two years. Chicheley should benefit.

5. Chicheley Hall

Dean Thompson, new manager, was welcomed to the meeting.

Satnavs are still sending vehicles to the Hall via Hall Lane. It is particularly an issue for drivers approaching from Bedford. It has been reported repeatedly by De Vere’s to e.g. Google. An ongoing problem.

Sewerage smell and leak down the main drive has been reported.

6. Expenditure


Agreed to apply for a defibrillator and cabinet package via the British Heart Foundation who have funding to provide equipment. As the Hall is too far from the centre of the village, it should be located at the Village Hall, attached to the building and the electrical supply. There are conditions attached e.g. volunteers will have to commit to training. We should qualify for funding as the equipment will be publicly accessible and we are in a rural area some way from ambulance services.

If we are successful in our application for the equipment (due by March), a support package will be 300 to cover 7-10 year via Well Medical.

Volunteers for training welcomed

Cllr McLean recommended obtaining a defibrillator and outlined the process: once an ambulance is despatched following a 999 call, one of the trained volunteers will be called. They will know the code to access the equipment, which they then take to the patient.

Clerk to apply and to let people know if we are successful

Bus shelter repairs

Work required on the bus shelter includes replacement window frames, new perspex, new guttering, and painting throughout, at a cost 460

Future expenditure

Bank balance stands at 1722.74

Known annual expenses, including insurance and planned regular donations, are around 460 against precept income of 651

The external auditors indicated that we should not hold large reserves. This is being addressed through the planned work on the bus shelter and the purchase of the defibrillator support package.

Given known and planned expenditure, including a considerable reduction this year in the insurance costs, it was agreed to reduce next year’s precept request to 550 (proposed by Pierre Girard, seconded by Cris Tarrant).

Clerk to investigate paying for the insurance for further 2 years to obtain a further reduction

7. NAG business


SIDS had been up in the week prior to the meeting, and covertly during the week of the meeting. Average speed is 47- 49 mph which indicates there is a problem. One vehicle recorded at 100mph with a significant number doing over 70mph. People do seem to slow down when they see the SIDS flashing.

Thames Valley Police take the issue very seriously; Adrian Carden and the police station in Newport Pagnell see the outputs. The camera van caught 30 drivers in 45 minutes; the area is successful in that respect. Officers are also trained in the use of a handheld gun.

There are 3 SIDS kits shared with Olney, Emberton, North Crawley, Moulsoe and Chicheley and they are in the village roughly every 3 weeks. Shortly after they are deployed the police also visit.

The main road is a real concern especially between 3-6 pm, given people’s lack of care, farm vehicles, overtaking etc. A lower speed limit (50mph to the county boundary) has been requested before with no success. Rumble strips could help.

Cllr Geary suggested that permanent cameras would make a difference but there are strict criteria; we are probably above the threshold and the SIDS are useful in supplying police with data.

Chair agreed to update local officers ready to report to the next NAG.

Speeding in Bedlam Lane: there is a 30 mph limit and speeds over this are unlikely but blind bends and drivers unfamiliar with the road are more likely to be an issue. Unlikely to be funding for speed humps but additional signage might be possible. Mirrors suggested but there is a strict policy. Agreed to monitor the situation

National Rural Crime network survey

Results were circulated prior to the meeting by email.

Results indicated that respondents generally perceived that speeding and dangerous driving were ignored by the police, but that is not the case here.

8. Ward Councillors’ update

Cllr Geary reported that the local minerals plan had been delayed pending a review of its robustness. Further consultation is due at the end of the year followed by a series of reviews by MKC and planning inspectors prior to a public examination. It is still a plan, rather than actual planning applications, and will be complete by autumn next year. The area’s previous concerns are still valid e.g. the proposed Lavendon site will affect the parish as up to 30 lorry movements a day are expected, which is in any case unenforceable.

Cllr McLean has been tackling inefficiencies with school transport operated by a particular company. Evidence of where contracts are not being fulfilled should be passed to MKC school transport. Funding is an issue, but the service should be high quality and contracts should be properly managed.

o Plan MK – calling a meeting for parish councillors – 29th October 730 at the Olney centre. Paper being published that becomes public. Officers from the development plan team coming to explain what’s in the plan. Consultation starts 25 Nov with a number of public meetings

Cllr Hosking indicated bids for funds from the allocated ward budget could be submitted by email.

The councillors were thanked for their continued support in applying for the waiver of community relief.

9. AOB

Following PC Andy Perry’s retirement, Andy Hipkin has taken his place and will be visiting the village. PC Hipkin attends NAG meetings and can attend the Parish Meeting if there is a specific topic.

A large bird transport crate had been dumped in the layby. PC Hipkin has inspected it.

Overhanging trees in Hall Lane reported; Chair to have a look.

Clerk to report loose, noisy, inspection covers opposite car park and opposite Bedlam Lane.

2 fire hydrants have fallen over; David Blamires to advise on locations. They could be reported to the Fire Service.

Satnav: could visitors to the Hall please be advised to use the road signs rather than satnav.

Grass cutting is going well; Cllr Geary is chairing the landscape review group and will report back. Clerk to report to Andy Hudson the fact that North Crawley Road has only been cut twice.

Road closure notice has been issued between 14 Oct and 14 Jan A509 westbound 730-1930 from Chicheley Hill to Renny roundabout with the diversion through Newport.

Dean Thompson, Chicheley Hall: are there any issues with landing a helicopter in the grounds e.g. animals in the fields? Advised to check with Cranfield.

Reiterated that De Vere do not permit fireworks and Chinese Lanterns to be used.

Date of the next meeting: 5th April 2016