Milton Keynes East

Despite objection by our MP, Ward Councillors and the public at previous discussions, the tone of the announcement below suggests the Council plans to develop Milton Keynes East.  The proposed expansion is equivalent to a new Newport Pagnell being built.  In the recently completed Plan MK, expansion east of the M1 was reserved until after 2031, unless Milton Keynes failed to provide already approved building targets for three consecutive years, which has not happened.  Issues include:

Will enough government money be provided to build the essential infrastructure such as a new bridge over the M1?

What will happen to the already congested access to Central Milton Keynes at certain times of the day?  How would you access the hospital in an emergency?

What medical, education, social and retail facilities will be provided, and how will they impact existing centres such as Newport Pagnell?

Where will Milton Keynes expand next and how would that affect Chicheley?

Whether you are for or against eastward expansion of Milton Keynes, please consider attending this meeting to make your thoughts known.  It will affect your future.