DRAFT Minutes of Parish Meeting on 18th April

Please note these are DRAFT minutes, and only become an official record after approval, with any necessary amendments, at the next Parish Meeting on 11th October.

Chicheley Parish Meeting & AGM Thursday 18th April 2018 Minutes

1. Present

Electors of the parish (19)

Chair: Robert Ruck-Keene

Clerk: Jo Parker

2. Apologies for absence

Cris Tarrant, Pat Townsend, Paula Blamires

3. Minutes of previous meeting

Approved (proposed by David Robertson; seconded by David Blamires).

4. Matters arising

• Tom Ruck has been appointed as the new manager at Chicheley Hall. The issue of directions and signage has been raised again.

• Bedlam Lane potholes are getting worse. MK Council say they are checking the condition of the road. All residents are encouraged to report issues via the MKC website.

• Chicheley Neighbourhood Watch now has a Facebook group.

• A demonstration of a new form of Speedwatch in Emberton was planned. If it is

satisfactory we will request the equipment for Chicheley.

• SIDS deployment was planned for the end of April in Chicheley. Data is sent to the

police and council. 85% of drivers are still in excess of the speed limit.

• Next meeting of the local Community Forum planned for 16 May at Emberton

Pavilion. Open to all but it is a public forum so private issues need to be raised with

the PCSOs separately

• Operation Drover underway, led by police in the rural area. 3rd operation due at the

beginning of May for 4 days. Sgt. Lucy Boddington was planning the approach, likely

to be ANPR and speed traps.

• Cyclists ‘bunching’ – PCSO Ormston’s summary of what she has been able to find out

has been circulated separately; all are encouraged to report poor practice if observed.

5. Ward councillors’ update – pended

6. Village engagement

Ian Townsend asked for suggestions for village activities and entertainment (e.g. clubs, events) to include more people locally. Suggestions and ideas for groups, clubs, further entertainment etc. to Jo or Ian please.

7. GDPR – Data Protection

New regulations regarding how your personal data is stored and used are coming in to force on 25 May. Please indicate if you would like to remain on the village mailing list if you have not done so already. Ian Townsend was thanked for his work on the village website (Chicheley.com).

8. Annual accounts

The accounts for the financial year ending March 31st 2018 were approved. Work to landscape the area at the top of Bedlam Walk was noted, as was the donation to South Central Ambulance.

9. Audit

a) The internal audit was noted and David Blamires thanked for his work. There were no issues raised requiring action.

b) The Annual Governance Statement was noted and approved.

c) The Annual Accounting Statements were noted and approved.

10. Future expenditure

The current bank balance stands at 735.09, with income of 550 expected from MKC to cover expenditure of approximately 500 (insurance, memberships, play area rent). It was agreed to make donations of 125 to the Village Hall and 50 to SCAN, and to discuss the condition of the noticeboard at the October meeting.

11. Election of Officers

The Chair and the Clerk were reappointed and thanked for their work

12. Any other business

• The quality of the broadband provision in the village reported as being awful – low and variable speeds, for many. Fibre is due in the village by the end of May. It is important to report any problems to your provider.

• There had been an attempted break-in in Hall Lane, which was disturbed in progress. PCSO Ormston had been round; all urged to phone the police immediately on 999 (in an emergency) or 111. This follows a burglary in Moulsoe, and an attempted break- in in Emberton.

• Bollards and pavement outside Chester Arms affecting safety and visibility – the Chair had spoken to the MK safety team, sending photos, asking for flexible bollards to be replaced.

• The layby opposite Brickyard Cottages was subject to constant fly tipping. The continuous clearing is presumably extremely costly, and it was suggested that fencing it off (maintaining some access) could be an option. The Chair agreed to raise with MKC environmental services.

• The Chair agreed to report loose kerbstones in Hall Lane, and to raise how to prevent drivers going over the grass between the road and garages at the pub. All were reminded to report any issues themselves via MKC website.

Date of next meeting

October 11th Thurs 8pm (earlier if linked with neighbourhood plan work)

The meeting concluded with a separate presentation about the Neighbourhood Planning process led by Diane Webber, MK Council, and Matthew Pearce. For further information, please contact Matt (mattpearce@me.com)