What's Been Happening in Chicheley
Traffic Calming Bollards Removed

Traffic Calming Bollards Removed

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Increase in speeding through Chicheley

Traffic islands in the centre of the road at each end of the village were installed when the 40mph speed limit was introduced.  They played a noticeable role in slowing down traffic and also deterred overtaking.

Unfortunately, the signs on the small islands were frequently damaged by traffic or heavy wind.  The islands remained without warning signs for around two years, despite pleas by the Parish Meeting to Milton Keynes Council to repair them . 

Without any discussion with residents, Milton Keynes Council have now simply removed the traffic islands.  This has led to an immediate, though subjective, increase in traffic speed and the restart of overtaking through the village.  We cannot get a quantitative measure of traffic speeds because monitoring devices are not available.  

It becomes increasingly difficult to understand what we get in return for ever-increasing Council Tax, other than faster traffic and more noise.