What's Been Happening in Chicheley
The Bureaucratic "Blob".

The Bureaucratic "Blob".

Monday, July 31, 2023

Why does MK Council take residents' tax but ignore their legitimate calls for help?

As can be seen in the minutes of Chicheley Parish Meetings,  residents have for a long time been raising issues of concern  directly with Milton Keynes Council, through the Parish Meeting, their elected Ward Councillors, and MP.

Residents' individual requests receive an automatic "computer says no" response that does not appear to have been reviewed by a Council employee.   Ward Councillors, irrespective of political party, are fobbed-off with bureaucratic gobbledegook excuses why the services we pay for cannot be delivered.  It really is difficult to see what residents get for their ever-increasing Council Tax.  

Issues raised by Chicheley, but ignored by Milton Keynes Council (and the Police) include, but are not limited to:

- Serious speeding through the village.  This is a problem in all MK's rural villages.

- Traffic noise from vehicles, particularly high-revving motorcycle engines, on the A509.

- Failure to replace the damaged speed/safety bollards in the middle of the road at each end of the village.

- Failure to repair the SIDS to monitor speed of vehicles through the village.

- Failure to replace bollards in front of The Chester Arms to prevent parking that blocks the view of vehicles exiting Bedlam Lane.  This is a serious safety hazard.

- Potholes everywhere.

- Flooding at the junction of Bedlam Lane and the A422 believed to be due to a damaged drain.

These are just a few of the issues.  Why does our Council not act??????????  What do we pay our tax for???????