Mock Battle in Chicheley, 1916

Under the command of Major William Trevor, of Lathbury Park, on Easter Monday 1916 a mock battle was fought on the uplands of Chicheley by the North Bucks Volunteer Defence Corps. The Olney Company, and one platoon of the Newport Pagnell Company, formed a line of outposts to an imaginary Northern force, which was tasked with holding Sherington and the line of the Ouse at Olney. Under the command of Captain Creasy, this was then attacked by the advanced guard of a Southern force, advancing from the direction of the Woburn hills, and in conclusion it was generally deemed that the attacking force, which came up between Hill Farm and Far Farm at Chicheley was entirely crushed in the centre, but held good on the two flanks. A large crowd of spectators had gathered to watch the action, and afterwards the officers entertained the two forces to lunch at the Chester Arms.