Girl Killed by Horse Kick, 1917

A tragedy occurred on the evening of Monday, August 13th 1917 when Nancy Baxter, who was just three days short of her second birthday, died after being kicked by a horse.  On a short visit with her parents from their home at Oldbury, near Birmingham, she had been playing hide and seek with her mother in the orchard adjoining Old House Farm, Chicheley, the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Goodman, when her mother noticed a sore on one of the horses grazing in an adjoining field. Mrs. Baxter consequently went into the house to tell her mother, and although she returned only three minutes later the child had gone. After a frantic search Mrs. Baxter found her 20 yards away, where, having crawled through a rail fence into the field, she lay unconscious from a kick from a horse near the left temple. Dr. C. Bailey from Newport Pagnell was immediately summoned, but the girl died at about 1p.m. on Tuesday morning. The inquest was held at Old House Farm on the following afternoon.