Boy Scouts’ Field Day, 1916

The Boy Scout troops of Lathbury, under Miss Daphne Trevor, Great Linford, under Miss Mead and Miss Hedges, and Chicheley, under Miss Easson, and Mr. Alastair Easson, held a combined field day on Easter Monday 1916. The Chicheley and Linford troops, known as the ‘Allies,’ would attempt to join forces between the Tyringham and Sherington bridges, with the object of the Lathbury troop, who were defending a position between the two, being to try and prevent a junction of the two armies. Unfortunately half of the Lathbury troop, which included Miss Muriel Farrar, of Chicheley Hall, were captured early in the proceedings, and with the Linford troop surrounding the other half a great victory for the Allies was secured. In fact there was some unkind treatment for the Lathbury Scoutmistress and one of her squad, for although perched on a straw stack they had secured a fine observation post, from where to command a good view of the allied force movements, on noticing the ladder the umpires removed it. Mr. R. Uthwatt and Mr. Hirsch had acted as the umpires and in the exercise 49 members of all ranks were on parade. With the exercise complete, everyone then had a picnic.