Speeding In Chicheley

Speeding over 40mph

Speed Indicator Devices will appear from time to time on the roadside at the Bedford and Newport Pagnell ends of the village.  They will show the speed at which the approaching vehicle is travelling, and display an appropriate green smiling face or red scowl.  The data is analysed and give to the Police who will adjust their speed trapping accordingly.

The average speed is around 43mph, with peak number of vehicles in the 40 to 60mph range.  One vehicle travelling from the east in the middle of the night was clocked at 101mph.  Many of the cars travelling above 60mph were caught by the Police.  Those drivers will lose their licence so should not pose a risk to Chicheley residents for some time.

Unfortunately, driving at a speed unsuitable for the condiitions also occurs in Bedlam Lane.  The road is used by pedestrians including school children and the elderly.  There are no footpaths, and there are two blind corners.  It has been noted that one particular van frequently drives very fast in Bedlam Lane, and the Police will be keeping a check.