Police Message about Rights of Way

Hi All

I have had numerous complaints from farmers regarding members of the public not sticking to the public footpaths (which run across the farmers’ fields / land) whilst out walking in the countryside.  I have sent out a TVP Alert today but would be grateful if you could communicate the message below on your Facebook pages, Whats App Groups, email distribution lists etc. for those people who are not signed up for TVP Alerts.  The TVP Alert has been sent out to 13 000 people so hopefully the message gets across and sinks in.  Many thanks 



Use of footpaths and bridleways

With everyone out using our lovely countryside as part of their daily exercise please remember that the footpaths (yellow markers) are for walking and running and not for cycling. The bridleways (blue markers) can be used for cycling as well as walking & horse riding.

Please don't ride bikes on the footpaths around the fields. To find all the bridleways / footpaths around a village go to https://mymsg.eu/92q1 Go to My Maps, navigate over to the area where you want to walk, then click on “Public Rights of Way” from the list on the left side to turn on the rights of way layer. The bridleways will be marked in green, and footpaths in purple.

There have been recent incidents of uncontrolled dogs harassing ewes and lambs, and also of damage to crops. So please stay on the footpaths, keep your dog under close control, and enjoy our glorious countryside.

Many thanks and stay safe

PCSO C1018 Arlene Ormston

Milton Keynes Rural North Neighbourhood Team

Email: arlene.ormston@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

Mob: 07815 590 756