Metal Theft

Please be aware that dubious characters posing as “Environmental Officers”, equipped with realistic-looking identity badges, are active in our area.

Scrap Metal Truck.jpg

They have been known to approach farms, businesses and homes to enquire about “scrap metal”.  They have strongly non-British accents.

There have been metal thefts from several sites around Chicheley, sadly including the brass plaque commemorating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee tree planting in Hall Lane.

Everyone is no doubt aware that drain covers were stolen along parts of the A509 and A422 near Chicheley.  The lead was stolen in the recent past from the roof of St. Lawrence’s church.  An exhaust was stolen from a resident’s car, presumably to recover the catalyst.

If you see anything suspicious, please gather as much information as possible, such as descriptions of the people and their vehicle, and report it to the police.