Crime Watch - Spate of Burglaries in MK

Police have warned that a spate of 15 burglaries took place in Great Holm, Middleton, Monkston, Broughton, and Oakgrove during the afternoon and evening of 28th November. The burglaries appear to be targeted, linked, and probably conducted by the same gang of criminals.  A full itinerary of stolen goods is being compiled but items known to have been taken are jewellery, cash, and electronic goods.

Darker evenings make it easier for criminals to gain access to houses wthout being seen.  Most of the burglaries were committed by access through rear doors.  Police warn the public to be vigilant and report suspicious behaviour.  The police also offer the following advice to reduce the probability of being a victim of crime:

  • Make your house look occupied when you are out; use a light timer switch. Don't just leave a hall or landing light on
  • Shut and key lock doors and windows when a property is unoccupied, when you go out and when you go to bed.
  • Ensure that doors which use lifting handles to engage the locks are always locked with a key.
  • Make efforts to restrict access into your rear garden by padlocking gates, repairing fences etc.
  • Don't leave any keys in sight of doors and windows or near your letter box or cat flap where they could be hooked out.
  • Valuable items including laptops / tablets, mobile phones, games console and jewellery should be hidden from view.
  • Security mark all valuables with your postcode and house number. Keep a record of makes, models and serial numbers
  • Register all your electronic items and other technology with Immobilise the UK national property register free of charge at
  • Register to receive important Police alerts and information at
  • keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour around your neighbours' houses or in your street, make a note of the people and cars, and notify the police.