Chicheley Crime Statistics 2018-19

Chicheley remains relatively crime free, thanks to vigilant residents and a very active Police Community Support Officer.  Nevertheless, we cannot be complacent as crimes are committed within the parish boundary.  The statistics for 2018-19 are as follows:

Arson (barn)                                                    June 2018

Theft of a roller                                               June 2018

Criminal damage at Chicheley Hall                 July 2018

Criminal damage by hare coursing      September 2018

Hunting Act (poaching)                             January 2019

Burglary from a garage                                March 2019

Road related incidents                                                3x

Road traffic collisions                                                  3x

Criminal damage (road rage).                                     1x

Not included above are two “official” cases of Fly Tipping.  There have in fact been many more, but those on private land are not recorded.

There have also been car thefts in neigbouring villages.

Motorists caught speeding through Chicheley are not included above.

Finally, there are known local drug-dealing “hotspots", which are less frequently used as they are monitored by the police.

Chicheley residents are encouraged to report obvious and suspected criminal activity including description of people, vehicle registration numbers, time and location.  If it can be done safely, take a photograph of the incident, but do not approach perpetrators who could be violent.