Chicheley’s annual combination of astronomy and gastronomy will be held at the home of Pierre and Christine Girard on Saturday 17th June.

More details will be announced nearer the time, once the weather forecast is known.


The event was held in superb weather with clear skies.  Members of the Milton Keynes Astronomical Society set up their telescopes, and, after aligning them with celestail north, trained them on the planets Saturn and Jupiter.  We had to wait until about 10:30pm before the sky was dark enough, but then the views were spectacular.  We could see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter very clearly.  Those of us who do not star gaze regularly, were also impressed by the intense flash of sunlight reflecting off the panels of an Iridium satellite as it passed over Chicheley at around 11:00pm.

It was altogether a really enjoyable evening with good food, good company, and amazing planet viewing.  Thank you Pierre and Christine for a great event!