St. Lawrence’s Day

IMG 6545

St. Lawrence day falls on 10th August, and this year’s Patronal Service was held with a full congregation at  Chicheley Church on Sunday 12th August.

Sherry and cake were served afterwards.   The cake was so delicious that it was half eaten by the time a photograph could be taken.

IMG 6547

The banner dates back to the 19th Century.  It shows St. Lawrence with the grid iron on which he was martyred on 10th August 258AD on the orders of the Prefect of Rome.  St. Lawrence was one of the Deacons of Rome.  His execution by slow roasting on a metal grid was for for giving the church’s silver to the poor rather than hand it over to the Prefect.  St. Lawrence is reputed to have asked to be turned over as he was “done on this side”.  He is the Patron Saint of Cooks, Chefs.........and Comedians.