Lacemaking in Chicheley

This website was recently contacted by Alison Brackenbury.

Alison is a writer and broadcaster who is writing a prose book called 'Village', including a section on a family from Chicheley.

Alison's grandmother, Amy Mary Wright, was born in 1893 and grew up in The Thatched Cottage, Bedlam Lane before moving to Lincolnshire.  Alison is interested in finding information about the Wright family, and in particular lacemaking which her relatives practised.

Her ancestor Arthur Wright was killed in World War 1 and his name appears on the Chicheley War Memorial by the A422, and on the plaque in St Lawrence Church.

Alison has provided photographs and information that will be added to the History section of this website.  Alison would be grateful to hear from anyone who knows who took the photographs.  

Please use the “Contact Us” section of this website if you have any information.

Chicheley Lace