Good News About Broadband!!!!!!!!!!

There is finally good news for broadband users in Chicheley who have suffered unuseably slow speeds for years.  At last it will not only be possible to do routine tasks like online banking and using Cloud storage, but even to enjoy streaming services. 


Forecast download speed is up to 75Mbps, compared to previously claimed 2.5 to 5.3Mbps, which in practice was often much less than 1Mbps.

Forecast upload speed for fibre is up to 19 Mbps, compared to previous 0.3Mbps

Update 11th September.  

Several people now have superfast broadband and are delighted with the results.  Initially the fastest service offered was download of 55Mbps, but that was subsequently increased to 75Mbps.  There are reports that the download speed can drop to around 35Mbps during peak periods, but most of the time is above 70Mbps.