Chicheley Volunteers Newsletter

Chicheley Volunteers have produced and delivered to all residents their third newsletter during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Contributions to future issues are encouraged and can be sent to and  

The latest issue contains a web link on what can and can’t be done during the pandemic, gardening tips, and articles by vilage children on what they have been doing.  

The newsletter is too big to reproduce in full here, but the Introduction is:

" Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Chicheley newsletter!

When we started in April, it was our intention to temporarily fill the gap of the monthly SCAN magazine and find a way to continue to share local news and connect with each other, as we entered the uncertainty of life in Iockdown.

The response from people in our village has been really positive and so, we are planning to continue the newsletter for the time being.

As a community, we have all been impacted by the pandemic, with some experiencing the pain of loss of loved ones. This was always our worst fear. And yet, the stories of individual and collective acts of kindness, compassion and respect, show the strength of connection in our village; the bond that keeps everyone held in mind.

So here we are now, slowly starting to transition into the next phase of the coronavirus recovery strategy, with some of the restrictions on our daily lives beginning to ease.

Whilst uncertainty and an appreciation of the complexity of the task remain, there is also a curiosity and hope about what the 'new normal’ might look like in the weeks and years to come.

The photos and articles in this edition of our newsletter, show the opportunity we have in creating our ’new normal', where we build on the connections we already share and the contributions we can make to the wellbeing of our community.

The Chicheley Volunteers"