40mph Speed Limit Through Chicheley


Road safety in Chicheley increased significantly when a 40mph speed limit was imposed on the A422 road through Chicheley in early February 2012.   A 30mph limit was also formally put in place in Bedlam Lane and Bedlam Walk.

Thanks are due to the Parish Meeting, Local Councillors and our MP for fighting long and hard to get this in place.  Most drivers seem to be observing the new limit, making it easier and safer to join the A422 from Hall Lane or Bedlam Lane.  Traffic noise levels have also decreased.


Bedlam Lane and Hall Lane are narrow roads without footpaths, and with blind corners.  For the safety of all users, especially children and elderly pedestrians, PLEASE drive carefully and considerately in our village.

The Police are now actively monitoring vehicle speeds through Chicheley and catching the inconsiderate few who ignore the limit and drive excessively fast.  Thank you to our Police Officers.