100th Anniversary of World War One

Kitchener 3

Great Britain entered what became known alternatively as The First World War, The Great War, or The War to End Wars at midnight on 4th August 1914.

To commemorate that event, and to remember the eight men of Chicheley who gave their lives in the conflict, a cheese and wine evening will be held in Chicheley Village Hall.  This will take place on Monday 4th August 2014 from 20:30 to 23:00 hrs, when a church bell will be tolled.

The evening will provide an opportunity to discuss the impact of the war, especially on Chicheley.  A good source of information is the MK Heritage Association website.

Space will be limited so the event is restricted to Chicheley residents, and those with a close association with the village.  To reserve your place, please contact David Robertson by 27th July 2014.