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Good Hiking Weather

The summer weather encourages an increasing number of walkers, with and without dogs, to enjoy the footpaths around Chicheley.  The footpaths are dry, clear and in good condition, the crops are ripening, and there are plenty of wildflowers.

Although farming around Chicheley is mainly arable, there are sheep and occasionally cattle in some of the fields.  Dog walkers are requested to keep their dogs on a lead when passing through fields where there are farm animals.  This is part of the “Countryside Code”.

Not all paths and tracks are public rights of way.  Please stay on the footpaths and bridleways that are marked clearly on Ordnance Survey maps and with waymarking signs.    

Coffee Morning Saturday 25th May 2019

A coffee morning, with the usual selection of Chicheley’s famous cakes, will be held between 10:30 and 12:00 in the Village Hall.

Thames Valley Police - Community Volunteer 2019

Congratulations to Robert Ruck-Keene who has been named Community Volunteer of the Year for 2019 by Thames Valley Police in recognition of his contribution to crime prevention. .


Are you lost?

Our Police Community Support Officer, Arlene Ormston, has sent helpul information on an alternative to map coordinates if you are lost, or want to report an accident or crime.

If you are in a built-up area, it is usually possible to know your location from street signs.  However, that is not an option on rural roads or footpaths and bridleways. 

If you have a vehicle or hand-held GPS, or a smart phone application, you can find your map coordinates from the device as either Latitude and Longitude or British National Grid reference.  

A relatively new alternative for identifying location is What3Words, which is available as a free download on smart ‘phones. What3words divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigns each one a unique 3 word address. It means anyone can accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system.   An increasing number of emergency services are using What3words. or

For example, the location of the war memorial in Chicheley is “sandals.campfires.continued”.

2019-05-07 - Screenshot65

Easter Events

There was a Compline Service at St Lawrence Church on the evening of 15th April, and a Communion for Maundy Thursday on the evening of 18th April.

Chicheley’s traditional Good Friday Tea was held in the Village Hall on the afternoon of Good Friday, 19th April, with the usual surfeit of superb cakes and pastries.  As always it was very well attended.  The photo below was taken at the start.  By the end the cakes had gone but the room was full.

Funeral of Jacky Kettell 0n 4th April 2019

Chicheley lost one of its long-term residents and stalwart members of the community with the passing of Jacky Kettell.  

Jacky and her husband Michael moved into Chicheley in 1970 and Jacky was very active in the community.  Jacky was a staunch member of the Village Hall Committee.  In addition to helping organise events, Jacky was famous for her cooking.  Her blackberry and apple crumble, made exclusively from local ingredients, was one of the editor’s favourites.

Jacky had a great sense of humour, but was also “straight talking”; characteristics that won her many friends.  She will be sadly missed by all of them.  Jacky will be remembered with great affection.

Sincere condolences to Michael and all of Jacky’s family.

Burns’ Night

The first village function of 2019 will be the traditional Burns’ Night supper with Haggis and alternative options.   It will be held from 7pm on Saturday 26th January in the Vilage Hall.  Please call David Robertson on 01234 391371 to secure your tickets for this popular event.  


Christmas Wine & Cheese

A wine and cheese party to raise funds for St Lawrence Church was held by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R Ruck-Keene.  A great time was had by all, despite the miserable weather outside.

Advent Service at St Lawrence Church

There was a variation from our traditional Carol concert on 9th December when instead we held an Advent Service with readings and hymns.  The service was followed by mulled wine and mince pies, enjoyed by the large congregation.

Chicheley’s Own “Call The Midwife"

2018-08-27 -henry for gogo

Congratulations to Carol Duncombe, whose memoir as a midwife has recently been published in paper and as an eBook.

Carol worked as a midwife for 45 years until retiring in 2016. She has lived in Chicheley for most of that time. During her career, Carol delivered over 2,000 babies.

Carol will be signing copies of her book at the Coffee Morning in the Vilage Hall between 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturday 24th November.  She is already busy with the second volume.

“A Midwife’s Memoir” is published by Austin Macauley Publishers:

ISBN 9781788789622 (Paperback)

ISBN 9781788789639 (Hardback)

ISBN 9781788789646 (E-Book)

Annual Hobbies & Collections Exhibition

The third hobbies and collections exhibition organised by Mike Kettell will be held in the Village Hall between 10am and 3pm on Saturday 17th November.

These events have always been popular, and have attracted specialist collectors and passing motorists in addition to local residents

Displays are expected to include model railways, a vintage motorcycle, specialist collections of model cars and lorries, astronomy and model steam engines. 

Refreshments will be served, and proceeds will go to the Village Hall and charity.

Remembrance Sunday and 100th Anniversary of the End of World War 1

The annual Remembrance Day wreath laying took place on 11th November at the Wayside Cross.  To mark the 100th Anniversary of WW1, the names of relatives of current Chicheley residents who lost their lives on active service were also read out, in addition to the names of the men of Chicheley recorded on the memorial and in the church.

We appreciate the respect shown by those drivers on the A422 who slowed down when they say the service in progress. 

During the service in the church, candles were lit by the memorial plaque.


On the afternoon of Saturday 10th November, there was an exhibition of memorabilia relating to Chicheley during WW1 and its residents who fought and died in the service of their country.

Message about “Rough Sleepers”

"I work as part of a team of outreach workers who help support people who are rough sleeping off the streets. This is just a message to give your community an idea of what to do if you see someone in a tent or rough sleeping. 

One of the things you can do is report the tent/rough sleeper on a public site called "street link". This gives me and the team info on location of the individual and a tent description etc.  We as a team have 10 days to respond to this, or you can contact the MK council directly who then contact us. 

Could this information be passed on to you local community please?"  Josh Beaty

Telephone Scams

Recently, there have been several reports of unsolicited calls asking for credit card details.  Please be very vigilant and do give sensitive data over the ‘phone.  Genuine companies such as your bank and service providers will not ask for this information.  Scam calls seem to target elderly people, so please warn any you know about the danger of revealing sensitive data.


A first step to avoid nuisance or scam calls is to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). They will add you to their list of numbers that don't want to receive sales and marketing calls. You can also call them to register on 0345 070 0707.

This will not stop every sales call, but most companies that have made a genuine mistake will end the call as soon as you say TPS.

Overseas callers, including those that mimic UK numbers will ignore TPS.  There are several systems available from British Telecom and other service providers to screen out or block nuisance or potential scam calls. You can discuss them with your service provider, or check their web site.

Most modern handsets provide the facility to block specific numbers.  The problem is that overseas nusiance callers can use multiple numbers and memory gets full, and you may need to pay your service provider extra for number identification.  

It is possible to buy devices that plug into your telephone and contain known nuisance callers that are blocked automatically.  There are many available from online stores such as Amazon. The devices can have thousands of additional blocked numbers added by simply hitting a big red button, or by dialling in a code and the number to be blocked.  The editor has reduced nuisance calls from roughly ten per day to one per week by installing one of these devices.  It is also very satisfying to hit the big red button and cut off the nuisance caller.

Please be wary, and investigate the many ways of effectively blocking nuisance and spam calls.  

Further information from Citizens’ Advice at

And from Ofcom at:

Harvest Festival, Produce Sale and Harvest Supper

The traditional annual Harvest Festival, celebrating the safe gathering of crops, will be held in St. Lawrence’s Church, Chicheley at 6pm on Sunday 14th October.

Produce donated to decorate the church will be auctioned in Chicheley Village Hall from 7:30pm on Monday 15th October.

Chicheley’s Harvest Supper, guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites, will be held in the Vilage Hall at 7:00 for 7:30pm on Saturday 20th October.  Please call David on 01234 391371 to book your place for this very enjoyable and popular event.

Parish Meeting - 11th October

The twice-yearly Parish Meeting will be held on the evening of 11th October in the Village Hall.  All Chicheley electrs are welcome to attend and can add items to the agenda.

Discussions are likley to include speeding through the village, fly tipping, and the potential expansion of Milton Keynes east of the M1, encroaching on Chicheley.

Minutes and accounts for previous meetings are available on this web site.

Chicheley Quiz

The annual Chicheley Quiz will be held in the Village Hall on the evening of 29th September.

This is always a fun evening with excellent food.

To register your team and book your places for this popular event please call Judy on 01234 825075.


The quiz was a great success and the Village Hall was filled to capacity.  

It was a fun quiz, and the food was superb!!!!

Over £700 was raised.

IMG 4291

Signs of Autumn

For those who enjoy walking round the fields, and cooking (or brewing)  the hedgerows are currently full of autumn fruits.

Long, hot summer

2018 may well have been the hottest summer on record in Chicheley. After the initial enjoyment of being able to spend more time outside and enjoy barbecues etc, the heat started to get a bit too oppressive for some people.  Keen gardeners were dismayed by their lawns turning brown,  and struggled to keep their flowers and vegetables alive.  

Although some crops ripened very quickly, it is understood there was  a negative impact on grain yield and quality overall.  Once the fields had been combined, the dry ground looked quite desolate.

However, it was a very pleasant change to have a hot and dry summer in place of the usual rain, especially during school holidays.

Sponsored Walk for the Armed Forces

The Royal British Legion has asked that this notice is posted on the Chicheley web site. 

The walk is to commerorate the end of the First World War, and to recognise those who served, sacrificed and changed the world.

Residents of Chicheley past and present have served i. the UK’s Armed Forces.  Our village hours them every year through poppy sales and at the Remembrance Day.

Poppy walk for honour