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Chicheley’s Own “Call The Midwife"

2018-08-27 -henry for gogo

Congratulations to Carol Duncombe, whose memoir as a midwife has recently been published in paper and as an eBook.

Carol worked as a midwife for 45 years until retiring in 2016. She has lived in Chicheley for most of that time. During her career, Carol delivered over 2,000 babies.

Carol will be signing copies of her book at the Coffee Morning in the Vilage Hall between 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturday 24th November.  She is already busy with the second volume.

“A Midwife’s Memoir” is published by Austin Macauley Publishers:

ISBN 9781788789622 (Paperback)

ISBN 9781788789639 (Hardback)

ISBN 9781788789646 (E-Book)

Annual Hobbies & Collections Exhibition

The third hobbies and collections exhibition organised by Mike Kettell will be held in the Village Hall between 10am and 3pm on Saturday 17th November.

These events have always been popular, and have attracted specialist collectors and passing motorists in addition to local residents

Displays are expected to include model railways, a vintage motorcycle, specialist collections of model cars and lorries, astronomy and model steam engines. 

Refreshments will be served, and proceeds will go to the Village Hall and charity.

Remembrance Sunday and 100th Anniversary of the End of World War 1

The annual Remembrance Day wreath laying and service will take place.

Consideration is being given to how to commemorate the end of World Ward 1, in which eight Chicheley residents, and relatives of current residents, lost their lives.  Announcements will be given on due course.

Harvest Festival, Produce Sale and Harvest Supper

The traditional annual Harvest Festival, celebrating the safe gathering of crops, will be held in St. Lawrence’s Church, Chicheley at 6pm on Sunday 14th October.

Produce donated to decorate the church will be auctioned in Chicheley Village Hall from 7:30pm on Monday 15th October.

Chicheley’s Harvest Supper, guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites, will be held in the Vilage Hall at 7:00 for 7:30pm on Saturday 20th October.  Please call David on 01234 391371 to book your place for this very enjoyable and popular event.

Parish Meeting - 11th October

The twice-yearly Parish Meeting will be held on the evening of 11th October in the Village Hall.  All Chicheley electrs are welcome to attend and can add items to the agenda.

Discussions are likley to include speeding through the village, fly tipping, and the potential expansion of Milton Keynes east of the M1, encroaching on Chicheley.

Minutes and accounts for previous meetings are available on this web site.

Speeding Through Chicheley

The ongoing battle to get motorists to adhere to the 40mph speed limit through Chicheley continues.  

Fixed speed monitors are installed periodically, and the data from a recent survey are presented below.  The Police also regularly measure speeds through the village and charge those exceeding the limit.  There is also a community speed watch that submits registration numbers of speeding vehicles to the Police, who then issue a caution to the owner.

The police will also be paying attention to vehicles traveling too fast for the conditions and road width in Bedlam Lane.  The main offenders appear to be delivery van drivers.  

Chicheley Quiz

The annual Chicheley Quiz will be held in the Village Hall on the evening of 29th September.

This is always a fun evening with excellent food.

To register your team and book your places for this popular event please call Judy on 01234 825075.


The quiz was a great success and the Village Hall was filled to capacity.  

It was a fun quiz, and the food was superb!!!!

Over £700 was raised.

IMG 4291

Signs of Autumn

For those who enjoy walking round the fields, and cooking (or brewing)  the hedgerows are currently full of autumn fruits.

Long, hot summer

2018 may well have been the hottest summer on record in Chicheley. After the initial enjoyment of being able to spend more time outside and enjoy barbecues etc, the heat started to get a bit too oppressive for some people.  Keen gardeners were dismayed by their lawns turning brown,  and struggled to keep their flowers and vegetables alive.  

Although some crops ripened very quickly, it is understood there was  a negative impact on grain yield and quality overall.  Once the fields had been combined, the dry ground looked quite desolate.

However, it was a very pleasant change to have a hot and dry summer in place of the usual rain, especially during school holidays.

Sponsored Walk for the Armed Forces

The Royal British Legion has asked that this notice is posted on the Chicheley web site. 

The walk is to commerorate the end of the First World War, and to recognise those who served, sacrificed and changed the world.

Residents of Chicheley past and present have served i. the UK’s Armed Forces.  Our village hours them every year through poppy sales and at the Remembrance Day.

Poppy walk for honour

Good News About Broadband!!!!!!!!!!

There is finally good news for broadband users in Chicheley who have suffered unuseably slow speeds for years.  At last it will not only be possible to do routine tasks like online banking and using Cloud storage, but even to enjoy streaming services. 


Forecast download speed is up to 75Mbps, compared to previously claimed 2.5 to 5.3Mbps, which in practice was often much less than 1Mbps.

Forecast upload speed for fibre is up to 19 Mbps, compared to previous 0.3Mbps

Update 11th September.  

Several people now have superfast broadband and are delighted with the results.  Initially the fastest service offered was download of 55Mbps, but that was subsequently increased to 75Mbps.  There are reports that the download speed can drop to around 35Mbps during peak periods, but most of the time is above 70Mbps.

French Evening

Many people enjoyed the French Evening on Quatorze Juillet at the home of Pierre and Christine.

We had great food, great wine, and great companionship, and this year the weather was superb!  Thatnk you especially to Pierre and Christine, and to all who helped make this a wonderful occasion.

Police Advice for Summer Home Security

It has been well publicised that there has been an increase in crime nationally.  To reduce chances of becoming a victim, Thames Valle Police offer the following advice to secure your home when going away on holiday, or if you are staying at home but opening doors and windows during hot weather:

If Staying At Home:

Lock all front and rear doors at night and when you are out. If you have a UPVC door, remember to lift the handle and lock it with the key.

Keep all valuables and keys, including car keys, out of sight and out of reach of windows and letterboxes. Double check your vehicle is locked too.

Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property. Move bins away from side walls and fences.

Keep ladders and tools stored away. Don’t leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home.

If you’re going away:

Don’t advertise that you are going on holiday on social media – wait until you are home to upload your snaps.

 Check your home insurance policy, as some may pay out less, or not at all, if you’ve put that you’re away on social media.

Going on holiday? Use a timer switch to make your house look occupied,  even when it isn’t.

Ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your house while you are away.

Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places such as under doormats or plant pots.


For further information on crime prevention advice this summer visit

Crime Alert - Thefts from Vehicles in Villages

Please be aware that there have been several incidents of vehicle crime near Chicheley in the last few days:

     A GPS was stolen from a car in Sherington

     A car was stolen from Hardmead

     Tools were stolen from two vans at different locations in Newport Pagnell.

If have any information on the above, or if you see any suspicious behaviour in Chicheley, please report it to the police.  

There are gangs that move into an area, commit crimes, and move on again.  They may drive up and down the lanes looking at cars and houses, or park while looking for criminal opportunities.  Please be watchful, and take care to protect your vehicle, preferably not leaving any valuables inside it. 

Plan:MK and MK Expansion East of the M1

Anyone concerned about Chicheley remaining a rural village should take note of new developments that could potentially cancel recommendations of Plan:MK.

Plan:MK outlines expansion of Milton Keynes to 2031.  It was the result of open, democratic, public discussion and scrutiny.  Agreed MK expansion plans are shown in the map below, taken from the Plan:MK document.  

Proposed expansion east of the M1 is shown clearly to be post-2031, unless new housing targets are not reached three years in a row.

A new development is that the government has created a £4.2 billion “Housing Infrastructure Fund” to encourage housebuilding.  Milton Keynes Council has applied for £75 million from this fund, and is one of 44 boroughs through to the second round of evaluation for awards.

If Milton Keynes is successful, it may use the funding to build a new bridge across the M1, which would enable building east of the M1 to be brought forward to the near future, and not after 2031.  This would mean that new housing estates will start to encroach on Chicheley along the Newport Pagnell-North Crawley road.  Local Councillors for Olney Ward, and also those representing Willen, are strongly opposed to immediate expansion east of the M1.

Community Speedwatch

Community speedwatch is the latest addition to the fight against dangerous speeding through Chicheley.

Police vans catch speeding motorists on a regular basis. The “Speed Indicator Displays” that are used monthly have a positive effect by flashing a warning to motorists who may not have realised how fast they were driving.  Community Speedwatch devices are operated by volunteers who report to the police the registration number, make and colour of vehicles travelling at above a specified speed.  

Between 09:30 and 11:00 on Tuesday 22nd May, the community speedwatch data were as shown in the graph below.   Registration numbers of all vehicles exceeding 46mph were reported to the police.  

St George’s Supper

St George on horse - clip art

Chicheley’s St. George’s Day Supper will take place in the Village Hall on 21st April.  Further details will become available later.  What can be guaranteed is that there will be plenty of good food and company.

Easter Weekend 2018

Good Friday Teas will be held in. the Village Hall between 3pm and 5pm on Friday 30th March.  There will be the usual wide selection of Chicheley’s literally world famous cakes.  There are fans of Chicheley cakes in New Zealand, Canada, South Afica, Australia, Finland and many other countries!

Even if you do not usually attend these events, why not try it this year.  You will meet a lot of very friendly people, in addition to enjoying the delicious cakes.

Spring? Then return of "Beast from the East"

After the bitterly cold wather at the beginning of March, there has been a brief period of warmer weather.  Garden and wild flowers have sprung into life.  The attached photos were taken on 11th March.  The landscape is looking from the public footpath by Old House Farm looking over Bedlam Walk towards Milton Keynes with the Exscape snow dome visible on the horizon.

However, as this is being typed, snow is again falling as “The Beast from the East” returns.

Chicheley Clubs and Activities

Meeting for result

Does anyone have suggestions for clubs, social groups or activities that could be started in Chicheley???

Neighbouring villages have groups that meet regularly for a wide range of activities such as hiking, book clubs, pilates and yoga, short mat bowls, folk music, bridge and chess, and many others.

Can anyone, or preferably a group of people, suggest activities that would create entertainmnet in Chicheley, and build community spirit?

Please respond via this web site’s “Contact Us” page, or at the next Parish Meeting in April.