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St George’s Supper

St George on horse - clip art

Chicheley’s St. George’s Day Supper will take place in the Village Hall on 21st April.  Further details will become available later.  What can be guaranteed is that there will be plenty of good food and company.

Easter Weekend 2018

Good Friday Teas will be held in. the Village Hall between 3pm and 5pm on Friday 30th March.  There will be the usual wide selection of Chicheley’s literally world famous cakes.  There are fans of Chicheley cakes in New Zealand, Canada, South Afica, Australia, Finland and many other countries!

Even if you do not usually attend these events, why not try it this year.  You will meet a lot of very friendly people, in addition to enjoying the delicious cakes.

Spring? Then return of "Beast from the East"

After the bitterly cold wather at the beginning of March, there has been a brief period of warmer weather.  Garden and wild flowers have sprung into life.  The attached photos were taken on 11th March.  The landscape is looking from the public footpath by Old House Farm looking over Bedlam Walk towards Milton Keynes with the Exscape snow dome visible on the horizon.

However, as this is being typed, snow is again falling as “The Beast from the East” returns.

Chicheley Clubs and Activities

Meeting for result

Does anyone have suggestions for clubs, social groups or activities that could be started in Chicheley???

Neighbouring villages have groups that meet regularly for a wide range of activities such as hiking, book clubs, pilates and yoga, short mat bowls, folk music, bridge and chess, and many others.

Can anyone, or preferably a group of people, suggest activities that would create entertainmnet in Chicheley, and build community spirit?

Please respond via this web site’s “Contact Us” page, or at the next Parish Meeting in April.

Broadband Problems

network cables
Computer Problem

Broadband speed in Chicheley is far below modern requirements.  Maximum download speed is around 2.5Mbps, and upload speed much lower.  However, there are frequent slow downs, and interruptions to the “service”.  Quite often the download speed is well below 1Mbps.  

The minimum broadband speed required for BT TV and other streaming services is 4Mbps, so there is no chance of receiving those in Chicheley.  That will not change until the current obsolete telephone infrastructure is replaced by a fibre network.

The editor is aware of many people complaining about poor broadband in Chicheley.  A major issue is that BT/Openreach will only address individual customer’s problems, and not look at the big picture.  In other words, inherent problems with the old infrastructure are discounted.

If you are having broadband problems in Chicheley, please make sure you report them to your service provider.  If enough people complain there will be added strength for getting the current problems addressed, and also to get fibre installed more quickly.  Fibre is due later this year, but no firm date has been given, and these things usually happen later than promised.


Lent Lunch

Chicheley’s Lent Lunch was held in the Village Hall on 14th March.  It was a full house with Chicheley residents and our friends from neighbouring villages.  It was nice to have a former resident of North Crawley, and supporter of Chicheley events, joining us in transit from her new home in Poole.

We enjoyed the traditional combination of home made soups, “artisan” bread, and cheese, followed by biscuits and tea or coffee.

Many thanks to those who worked to get the Hall ready, buy and prepare the food, and then serve it to participants.  The amount of work required to organise an event like this is often underestimated.

The Beast From The East

In late February and early March an extreme weather front blew in from Siberia, bring heavy snow and chaos to many parts of the country.  It was affectionately called “The Beast from the East”.   

Chicheley was less badly affected than many areas, but still had a deep layer of snow.  Traffic slowed to a crawl along the A422 through the village, and Bedlam Lane was almost impassible until kindly “snowploughed” by the farm's tractor.

2018-03-03 16.47.34
2018-03-03 16.44.57

2018-03-03 16.47.34

Funeral of Rose Boulton

Residents of Chicheley were shocked and saddened by the unexpected and sudden death of Rose Boulton.  Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with her family.

Rose was the oldest daughter of Frances and the late Dennis Boulton, a Chicheley farming family.  Rose was a true countrywoman, renowned for her skills at hedge laying and shepherding.

Rose was a regular attendee at Chicheley events and will be missed by all.

Burns Night - 20th January 2018

Chicheley’s annual tribute to the Scottish Bard will be held in the village hall on 20th January 2018.   Food will include Haggis, with a choice of alternatives for the faint of heart!  There will, of course, be the usual excess of Chicheley Desserts.

It is always a fun evening and is open to all.  If you have never been before, why not give it a try?

Tickets from David Robertson telephone 01234 391371.   

Carol Concert

Chicheley’s traditional carol concert will be held in St. Lawrence Church at 3pm on Sunday 10th December.  

To keep everyone warm, there will be mulled wine and snacks after the service.

Everyone is welcome.  Even if you are not a regular churchgoer, please feel free to come along, join your neighbours, and enjoy traditional Christmas Carols in the beautiful setting of our lovely country church.

Unfortunately, the Carol Concert had to be cancelled due to heavy snow.

Crime Watch - Spate of Burglaries in MK

Police have warned that a spate of 15 burglaries took place in Great Holm, Middleton, Monkston, Broughton, and Oakgrove during the afternoon and evening of 28th November. The burglaries appear to be targeted, linked, and probably conducted by the same gang of criminals.  A full itinerary of stolen goods is being compiled but items known to have been taken are jewellery, cash, and electronic goods.

Darker evenings make it easier for criminals to gain access to houses wthout being seen.  Most of the burglaries were committed by access through rear doors.  Police warn the public to be vigilant and report suspicious behaviour.  The police also offer the following advice to reduce the probability of being a victim of crime:

  • Make your house look occupied when you are out; use a light timer switch. Don't just leave a hall or landing light on
  • Shut and key lock doors and windows when a property is unoccupied, when you go out and when you go to bed.
  • Ensure that doors which use lifting handles to engage the locks are always locked with a key.
  • Make efforts to restrict access into your rear garden by padlocking gates, repairing fences etc.
  • Don't leave any keys in sight of doors and windows or near your letter box or cat flap where they could be hooked out.
  • Valuable items including laptops / tablets, mobile phones, games console and jewellery should be hidden from view.
  • Security mark all valuables with your postcode and house number. Keep a record of makes, models and serial numbers
  • Register all your electronic items and other technology with Immobilise the UK national property register free of charge at
  • Register to receive important Police alerts and information at
  • keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour around your neighbours' houses or in your street, make a note of the people and cars, and notify the police.

Coffee Morning

Chicheley Village Hall was filled to capacity for the coffee morning featuring the village’s legendary cakes.  Many friends attended from nearby villages, as well as Chicheley residents. 

In addition to absorbing enough calories to ward off the colder winter weather, the morning gave a great opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbours at the start of the run up to Christmas.

Exhibition of Hobbies and Collections

The Kettel family kindly organised a second exhibition of hobbies and collections, supported by excellent cakes and tea.

The event was well attended and rose over £150.  Several passers-by stopped their journey on the A422 to take a look.

Fascinating displays included every conceivable model of the Mini, photographs of planets and distant galaxies taken from an observatory in Chicheley, historical farm implements, and a model railway complete with a Great Western Region “Hall Class” locomotive, appropriately named “Chicheley Hall”.  There was such an engine in service but sadly it was scrapped with the introduction of diesels.  

Remembrance Service

The annual remembrance service and laying of a wreath at Chicheley's “wayside cross” war memorial was held at 11:00hrs on Sunday 12th November. 

There was a large crowd of people, including many guests from Chicheley Hall, who attended the church service after the wreath laying. 

The photo above shows the dedication of the "wayside cross” in 1921.

Men of Chicheley who gave their lives in World War 1

Sir George Farrar        1915

Lewis C B Chester      1918

Ernest T Needle.        1918

E Thomas Rogers.      1915

Greville A B Chester   1914

Arthur W Wright.         1915

G Reginald Brown.      1916

Vesey D Clarke.           1918

We will remember them.

Fashion Show at Chicheley Hall

Fashion Show MK poster

Crime Alerts and Updates

Speeding through villages and on narrow country lanes remain the main concern for residents of rural Milton Keynes.  The speed sensors used in the village every few weeks give the Police valuable information, and they follow up with speed trapping of offending motorists.  The average speed of vehicles through Chicheley continues to drop a little every time it is monitored.

There have been a number of thefts of tools from vehicles, sheds and workshops, so anyone owning valuable tools should ensure they are locked away safely, and that sheds are protected.

With days getting shorter, opportunist theft can increase under cover of darkness.  Keep doors locked to prevent unauthorised access.

There has been a 37% increase in bicylce theft within the Milton Keynes Unitary Authority, although that statistic may be skewed by thefts from the Santandar bike scheme.

Fly tipping and illegal hunting are serious rural crimes.  Both offences involve vehicles being driven onto farmland, ofen near public footpaths.  Illegal hunting with guns presents a danger to anyone walking, cycling or riding in the countrside.  If you see something suspicious, do not approach the people involved.  Make a note of the number of people and their appearance, the type, colour and registration number of the car, and notify the police as soon as possible.   

More information on current crime threats and measures to safeguard yourself are available from

Harvest Events

The Harvest Festival servcie was held in St Lawrence Church om Sunday 8th October.  The church was almost full.  In addition to parishioners from Chicheley and other SCAN villages, six guests from Chicheley Hall heard the bells and decided to join in the celebrations.   It was a lovely ceremony and congregants remained at the church for a long time chatting and enjoying the snacks.

Producr that decorated the church was auctioned on Monday 9th October to raise funds for maintenance of the church.

The vilage hall was full on Saturday 12th October for the Harvest Supper.  As always, the food was excellent, with a bewilderiung choice of deserts and cheeses after the main course of cold meats, baked potato, salad and pickles.

If you missed this year’s festivities, please do try to make it next year.  These events are always enjoyable

Quiz Evening

A quiz evening with supper will be held in Chicheley Village Hall on 7th October to raise funds for St Lawrence Church.  Anyone who has attended previous events will; know that it is always a really enjoyable community evening.

Please contact Alan and Judy on 01234 825075 or David on 01234 391371 to book tickets.  Teams can be up to six people.

Sharnbrook Gospel Choir

The choir will sing at St Firmin’s Church, North Crawley at 7:30pm on Saturday 23rd September.

Tickets costing £10 per person are available from:

     Pat Townsend   01234 391367

     Janice Freeman 01234 391350

The event has been organised jointly by members of St Firmin’s Church, and St Lawrence’s Church Chicheley.  Money raised will be used for the upkeep of these two historic churches.

Cheese and Wine Evening

Robert and Claire Ruck-Keene will host a cheese and wine evening on the evening of Saturday 29th July, to raise funds for St Lawrence Church and Chicheley Village Hall.

Please contact Claire on 01908 611901 to book tickets costing £10/person.